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government website. at one point the voice says that the white house has been captured. and the capital of war is with and in the range of our atomic bomb. detests that they have launched with the sanctions are run the world to try to decrease those efforts. >> catherine: now for today's market update. stocks were up -- as the federal reserve stands by it's economic stimulus plan. here are today's closing numbers. the dow rose 55 points.which briefly traded at an all-time high today. the nasdaq rose 25 points. and the s-and-p rose 10 points. >> the senate has passed a huge spending bill to fund the government through the end of september. the bill would avoid a partial federal shutdown at the end of the month. a vote tomorrow in the house would send the measure to president barack obama for his signature. it includes funding for the day-to-day operating budgets of every cabinet agency, and another 87- billion dollars for military operations in afghanistan and iraq. >> the unemployment rate for veterans dropped last year, according to a report out today from the u-s bureau of labor stati
for 4-thousand-5=hundred u-s service-members at least 2-thousand u-s government contractors and 174 journalists. >> catherine: almost ten years to the day since being deployed to iraq, a south bay war veteran shared some of his experiences with kron today. army sergeant 1st class graham gomez of san jose, served two tours of duty in iraq. he retired after 22 years of active duty. gomez arrived in iraq shortly after baghdad fell -- and spent the next 8 months working in intelligence, scouting troop movements and dodging roadside bombs. in an interview with kron 4's rob fladeboe, he shared some of his memories from the front lines. >> our voices and intelligence analyst under general sanchez before he took over in iraq. the bombs were just starting. we were trying to get the bad guys and and uprise against their troops. >> reporter: to america to some good? >> i think. i think the world is better without some hussein >> reporter: do you feel like a your contribution was that america is grateful for what you did? >> everybody is grateful especially when you get home also trying to reme
ceremony for pope benedict. more than 132 government delegations will attend. including representatives of christian, jewish, muslim and other faiths. the mass will be at saint peter's square and is expected to last about two hours. before the ceremony, pope francis will receive the fisherman's ring made of silver and gold with the image of saint peter. also the "pallium" -- a lamb's wool cloak with five red crosses. we'll carry the pope's installation mass live at one-30 a-m on our 24-seven bay area news channel. that's comcast 193 -- or streaming online at >> the national guard sent two helicopters today to help fight a wildfire that has damaged more than 30 cabins in pigeon forge, tennessee. it's also led to evacuations. it's one of nearly a half dozen brush fires over the past several days. as andrew spencer's an early start to wildfire season.. >> from the air you can see the scale of the wildfire. house after house after house. up in flames. this is pigeon forge, tennessee. near the great smoky mountains national park. .sunday's fast-moving fire caught both v
. ".their proper arm of the government" these council members were directing tstaff that can only in choir administrative staff to cannot direct or influence relationship or purchase supplies. or any administrative action they cannot fire, hire, or zero. is very clear that they have to respect their proper arm of the government. >> reporter: councilmember larry reid denies the interfering accusations. he claims he was only making sure minority contractors were apart of the bidding process for work at the oakland army base.councilmember desley brooks was not available for comment. as for potential consequences: the district attorney's office and a state political fairness commission will review the case and if the council members are charged and *convicted in a courtroom.they would immediately lose their jobs. >> catherine: in less than a will be a thing of the past at the golden gate bridge. all-electronic tolling begins next wednesday. kron4's maureen kelly shows us the preparations to get the bridge ready for the big switch. >> reporter: sparks fly as workers weld new signs on
murdered are from the bay area. government officials say, sergeant eusebio lopez, of pacifica, is accused of shooting to death corporal jacob wooley, from massachusetts. as well as lance corporal sara castro- mata, a 19-year-old from oakley. lopez joined the marines seven -years ago. serving in both the afghanistan and iraq wars. this is the oakley victim -- lance corporal sara castro-mata. she joined the marine corps in december 20-11, serving as a warehouse clerk. last month, she was promoted to her current rank. though she was not deployed, she earned a number of awards, including the national defense medal and global war on terrorism service medal. >> catherine: some people in newtown connecticut are very upset about robo-calls from the n-r-a. the calls are asking people to vote against proposed gun control legislation. of course, it was in newtown - where children and teachers were gunned down and killed back in december. >> to have this pushed on us without permission or any discussion. >> catherine: that's a resident who didn't want his identity revealed. he says many of his neighb
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5